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What We Do

DATA BLOCKS is a leading developer of scantron forms (bubble forms) design software for data collection using OMR readers (optical mark readers) or image scanners. Our Concord Suite  is a complete scanning package for image scanners.  Our Magenta Suite is a complete scanning package for traditional OMR scanners.  Each suite allows you to design, print & scan your custom bubble forms and analyze surveys and score tests. We also sell image scanners & Sekonic OMR scanners.

We offer free trials and a live online demonstration of our scanning software, a free scan form review service.

We also offer full service bureau capabilities of designing, printing and scanning custom bubble forms for your scanning projects.  Let us do the work for you.

What You Can Do

Design and process scan forms for evaluations, surveys, questionnaires, manufacturing plant safety cards, timecards, customer polls, inventory and sales tracking, customer/employee satisfaction, medical patient encounter forms, testing and assessment, course requests, course evaluations, grade sheets, time and attendance, and much more.

Or, you can have us do all the work for you with our forms design, printing and scanning services.  We offer very competitive pricing for these services.

Our Customers

DATA BLOCKS has worked with education, government and business clients since 1981 to improve data capture, data storage and reporting methods. We serve customers in government, business, medicine, market research and maintain a special focus in the educational environment and offer well-tested solutions to K-12 school districts, colleges and universities.

Let us show you what our Concord Suite or Magenta Suite software packages can do with a personal live webinar.

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Sales:    1-800-455-2559

Support:    1-770-297-2913



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NEW item

New Year Special

Get one free 1 sheet, front and back, scan form design or a 10% discount with the purchase of the Concord Suite or the Magenta Suite.

NEW item

Remark Classic 5

 Remark Classic 5 is now available with many new and helpful features. See a list of those features here.

Remark Office 2014

 Remark Office 2014 is now available with many new and helpful features. See a list of those features here.

Remark Test Grading Edition

See our new teacher testing software. Remark Test Grading Edition is a very easy-to-use streamlined testing program.

Instructional Videos Available

See our new instructional videos for the Concord and Magenta Suites at our YouTube channel.

Used Sekonic OMR scanners available.

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